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Netball is a game that consists of two teams, each comprised of seven players, who strive to gain possession of the ball and maintain control. The objective is to move the ball towards the goal circle to score points. Simultaneously, the opposing team employs defensive strategies and movements to intercept the ball. One of the game’s rules is that players are not allowed to touch the ball if it falls out of their hands. Points are awarded based on the number of goals scored, and the team with the highest number of goals emerges as the winner.

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عندما ترى مخطط الملعب , لا ترى مجرد خطوط ومربعات , بل ترى ساحة تحمل في طياتها الإثارة و التحدي


كوني جزء من تجارب الأداء لـ #كرة_الشبكة من خلال تجارب وتدريبات موجهة